• Gift peace of mind with a life-saving Breast Screening Mammogram!

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Gift peace of mind with a life-saving Breast Screening Mammogram!

Buy a mammogram gift card for that special woman!

A gift of life for you and for all the women you love and care about.

Want to save a woman's life? Give her the Save a Sister Gift Card now!

Breast cancer if detected early has a survival rate of nearly 100%! However, according to the World Health Organization, 70% of women diagnosed with breast cancer in Nigeria DO NOT SURVIVE! The culprit? Late detection!

With breast care costs persistently soaring high across West Africa and millions of women lacking any form of health insurance, the Save A Sister Gift Card is a blessing and the best gift you can ever give to a woman in Nigeria.

The only proven method that can detect breast cancer early is a mammogram.

Right now, hundreds of thousands of women in Nigeria need to be screened for breast cancer before it's too late. Unfortunately for these women, breast care cost is an insurmountable challenge.

Lilly Women's Health, the organization behind Lilly Mind and Body has been actively helping these women for years now and been giving free mammogram screenings all over the country BUT it takes a village to save a woman's life from breast cancer. The good news is you can be part of that "village".

The Save A SisterGift Card is a perfect gift for the women in your life. Give them the gift of health, the gift of peace of mind, and the gift of life, with a life-saving Breast Screening Mammogram. Gift them with a Save A SisterGift Card.